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WebQuery is a useful tool that helps determine the schools a student is districted to attend based on the current residence address and the current boundary attendance lines. WebQuery helps match the typed in address with an address in the database by allowing you to enter a partial street name. For example, you could enter "220 Che" to help find 220 Cherry St.

WebQuery also helps to determine bus stops nearest the current residence address. Parents/guardians must provide the school with proof of residency for any home address changes. Please note that stop times are estimates and are subject to change as routes are updated throughout the school year.

To obtain the schools of attendance and bus stop information:

Step 1) Enter student address
Step 2) Select grade
Step 3) Click the "GO" button

Please direct all questions about your school of attendance or bus route information to the school in which your student will be assigned.

Student Information: 

The School Board Bus Route Policy (6321) may be accessed here for questions about stops and bus rider eligibility.

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